Clayton Arthur 

"Our maintenance program is what seperates us from other companies. We set the bar high for our equipment and our track record proves just that."

Year Built​​​​: 1965
Power: 3900 HP Twin Engine
Length: 124'
Type: Ocean Tug

Capt Cae

Year Built​​​​: 1944
Power: 2800 HP Twin Engine
Length: 92'
Type: Ocean/Inland Tug

Tug Lulu

​​Year Built: 1943
Power: 600 HP Twin Engine
Length: ​46'
Type: ​Inland Construction Tug

Tug Nola Gail (Henry Sr)

​​Year Built: 1971
Power: 3900 Twin Engine
Length: ​102'
Type: ​Ocean Tug